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Ghost and Lola - Star Shimmer Necklace

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A Magnificent vintage repousse carved Silver Pendant with a fabulous Gold Cross with a vintage crystal heart and vintage French Jet Heart. Suspended from an Obsidian Bead Chain.

The combination of Silver and Gold means this necklace embodies the wonderful mythology of both. 

Silver symbolizes truth, trust, wisdom, good luck and protection. It was the first metal used by the ancients in Mesopotamia, Greece, the Middle East and Egypt. The Aztecs believed that Silver was the remnants of the tears of the moon.

Gold has always been associated with the eternal, the unending embracing powers of the divine. The colour of gold continues to be associated with the sun.


  • Gold and Silver
  • Obsidian Bead
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Vintage Jewellery

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