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Boom Shankar

Dui Cameron is the deisnger and driving force behind Boom Shankar. From humble beginings, Boom Shankar was built on a love of colour, playing dress ups, and the teamwork of a whole lot of special people along the way.

Over the last two decades, Boom Shankar has evolved into a prominent Astualian fashion Label. Dui designeds each piece with her team in Australia, and then spends six months at a time in India working closely with the skilled craftspeople who create and assemble each season's range.

Splitting her time between her home on the Sunshine Coast and farmhouse iin Rajasthan, Dui feels blessed to be able to work and spend time with friends and family in bothe Austrailia and India.

Boom Shankar's connection with India is a special one. Dui has created one big, beautiful family in two wonderful parts of the world.