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LaVida - Wood Pot Natural Curve

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The Wood Pot Natural Curve commands visual interest and attention wherever it is displayed or used. This is because it has such a distinctive appearance which is unlike any other planter one would easily come across. Being made from 100% organic wood in such curved shapeliness gives it an edge over other planters. It has a flat base with which it can be placed any flat surface area.

Artfully made in a large sized dimension measuring 25 centimetres in length, 25 centimetres also in width, and standing at 24 centimetres in height, the Wood Pot Natural Curve is large enough and suitable for growing a variety of plants. It can be used to grow spices like pepper, it can be used to grow vegetables like carrots, it can be used to grow ornamental plants or flowers, and so also, it can be used to grow herbs or medicinal plants. Whichever your customers have in mind, it would be suitable.

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