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LaVida - Timber Planter Tall Nat

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The Timber Planter Tall Nat one of our recently updated products to our hugely appealing set of Wholesale Pots and Planters category. This particular piece was handcrafted such each and every piece is unique in its own way. Looking stout, sturdy and round, it would sit down firmly wherever it is placed. To finish up the appealing look, it is then given a final whitewashed lacquer which makes it all the more charming!
Supported by three long legs, the Timber Planter Tall Nat is a well-balanced, highly functional planter that would be perfect for use in growing different varieties of plants while at the same time, getting to beautify the home. The tall tripod stand makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. As a practically functional planter, it can be used in the garden, it can be placed on the porch, it can be placed in hallways and several other strategic locations around the home, office, hotel, restaurant and other spatial setting.

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