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LaVida - Pot Heart Stripe

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The Pot Heart Stripe is made in a way that combines several designs, distinguishing it from the average pot. Made from the best quality ceramic, it features heart designs with loops of figure '8' across each of them. Below these designs are the stripes. The entire piece is tied together by a light coating of white frosting to give it a beautiful look
The Pot Heart Stripe is made from the best quality ceramic, weighing around 2 kilograms. You could use it for diverse purposes around the home, both indoors and outdoors. This pot is moulded into perfection to serve diverse purposes in the home. You could display it on a mantelpiece on your kitchen to add a rich and homely taste. They can also serve to hold flowers around the home. Get a set of them lined up in the garden carrying different flowers, is an easy to create a colourful display, reminiscent of spring.

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