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LaVida - Heart Bells Gold

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It is in finding the imaginative use of small little accents this season that you will be able to fill your spaces with happiness and a distinctive look. The heart shape has been created of course with the help of a stiff yet pliable wire that has been garlanded and strung together with the help of golden bells in such profusion that its rounded shape is on fact covered with the tiny little tinkling bells. The hangable accent would look especially stunning when placed on the entryway. The minute the heart begins to move and swing, it fills the space up with a sound of bells. Hang it from the window or out in the balcony or simply let it grace the doorway arch. It is bound to combine well with the rest of your décor accents with its bright gold colour in a vintage metallic shade. Be it an anniversary celebration or the Seasonal celebration like Christmas, using the ever - popular symbol like a heart can never miss the mark and always infuses the space with a great deal of joy and cheer. Comes with an attached string that makes it easy to hang.

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