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LaVida - Hanging Basket Set of 3 Pointe

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The Hanging Basket S/3 Pointed is a set of three, classically appealing rustic themed baskets that have an obvious aesthetic functionality as well as evident practically functionality. Each of the three baskets in this product is made in a cylindrical shape but with a pointy base. In another way, they could be described as being shaped like a dome, but in an inverted shaped form and having the usual pointy end.

Skilfully handcrafted in a design that is not only aesthetically stunning, but also practically functional, there is no doubt as to the fact that your savvy clientele would love such a classic product as this Hanging Basket S/3 Pointed! One of the most obvious aesthetic statements which these baskets make is expressed through its pristine, rustic white palette which ensures that it can blend into every décor. Another factor is the shapeliness which is nothing short of alluring! For easy usage and hanging option, each of these baskets comes with premium quality metallic chain/hanger which are equally painted in white.

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