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LaVida - Basket Bleach Cone Set of 2

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The Basket Bleach Cone S/2 is a lovely set of two basket wares which customers in need in quality baskets will appreciate. Both baskets which make up this set are made through the artful weaving of 100% natural and organic corn husk material. Apart from their shared material component, they are also made in the same tall, cylindrical shape although one differs from the other in terms of size.
The first and largest of these two baskets is made in a dimension which measures 33 centimetres in length and width and while standing at 36 centimetres in height. The second basket, being smaller than the first is made in a dimension which measures 28 centimetres in length and width while standing at 31 centimetres in height. Both baskets are environmentally friendly as they are made from biodegradable, non-toxic natural corn husk material. Please note that each piece is hand woven, hence, there may be variations in finish and colour.

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