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LaVida - Bamboo Trays Set of 2

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This visually appealing basket ware is made of 100% natural bamboo and top quality glass. It is woven with such shrewd skilfulness using the clever combination of bamboo and glass. The Bamboo Trays Glass is available for sale as 2-in-1 set with one piece smaller than the other.

Woven baskets such as this chic 2 set of Bamboo Trays Glass are always trendy and attractive all year round. Woven baskets have been in existence for countless centuries and exist till date with modern decorative touches. They are useful in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, laundry room, and even when going outdoors. In essence, this aesthetically charming bamboo basket can be used by customers in the kitchen as a storage device for keeping the kitchen orderly. It can be used in the dining room to display all those expensive porcelain and fine china wares. It is also perfect for picnics.

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