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LaVida - Planter Seaside Large

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The Planter Seaside Large showcases such colourfully appealing hand glazed design on a sturdy built planter. It is a cylindrically shaped planter pot that measures an exact 20 centimetres in height and diameter. It is made of top quality stoneware ceramic material which ensures long lasting functionality.

Hand glazed in appealing colours of black, baby blue, white, and orange while it stands on four sturdy legs, the Planter Seaside Large is definitely an ornamental piece. It is built in a large, sturdy cylindrical design which measures 20 centimetres in height and 20 centimetres in diameter. It has an added advantage over other conventional planters due to its superior quality stoneware ceramic material. It can be placed in several strategic locations around the home such as in the living room, hallway, porch, window ledge, etc. It isn't just a decorative piece; it is also functional growing a huge variety of plants. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Please note however that there might be slight differences in colour since it is hand glazed.

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