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Ghost and Lola Snake Charmer Necklace

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A hand carved vintage bone Unicorn horn with a beautiful ornate jewelled Celestial Medallion and diamante encrusted 16 carat gold weaving Snake hung from an intricate 18 carat gold filled chain.

 A masterful divine piece of jewellery, with the Snake symbolizing the cyclical nature of time, and representing the union of the heavens above. In the early 19th century, the Snake was used in jewellery as a symbol of Eternal Love.

 The Unicorn, a mythological animal was referred to in the ancient myths of Mesopotamia, Islam and China. It was believed that the Unicorn was an incarnation of purity and grace.

 This astonishing hand made piece that will dress up any outfit!


  • Gold filled Chain
  • Fabulous Hand Carved Unicorn Horn Pendant
  • 16 Carat Gold Snake and Celestial Medallions

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